Hadley - 7 Months

What better location for a Spring photo session than a greenhouse! Greenhouses work great for photo sessions with small families, couples, children, or milestone babies. They also work well for middle of the day photo sessions, when it's raining outside, and when you want to add color to the background. I recommend scheduling a session in a greenhouse at a time when the shop is not as busy with customers. Also, always make sure to confirm a photo session with the owner of the greenhouse before scheduling. There are certain times of the year when greenhouses will not allow photo sessions to take place in their shop due to their high customer traffic. 

For Hadley's 7 month photo session, we wanted to take the photos outside with flowers in the background but at the time the regular flowers and wildflowers were just starting to grow back from the long winter we had. Most of the greenery outside still looked pretty dreary. Utilizing a greenhouse was the perfect location as it added vibrant colors and textures to the photos. Pierson's Flower Shop and Greenhouses, Inc. located on Ellis Road in Cedar Rapids was so generous to open up their shop to us and they were excellent to work with.

At the end of April, Hadley turned 7 months. At this age in her life she loves her family pet dog, Benny, and hearing kissy and animal noises. She also enjoys playing peekaboo and being tickled by others. I loved getting to spend time with her during her session. I couldn't get over her big blue eyes, adorable smile, and those cheeks! She's definitely a cute baby. 

baby girl and parents in Pierson's greenhouse in Cedar Rapids, Iowa
A father with his baby girl in Pierson's Greenhouse in Cedar Rapids. 
A mother and her baby girl in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
A baby girl smiling in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
In Cedar Rapids, Iowa a baby girl is sitting up and smiling. 
Baby is smiling at Pierson's Greenhouse in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 
Baby girl sitting up with doily blanket around her in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 
Doily blanket over baby girl in Iowa. 
At Pierson's Greenhouse in Cedar Rapids, Iowa a baby girl is sitting in a wire crate around succulents and plants.